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How to protect your car in the monsoon season?

Monsoon Car care

When it comes to caring for your car,no season poses as many questions about car maintenance as the rainy season . A couple of trips down clogged lanes during the monsoons will age your car faster than multiple ........
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Insurance Coverage

What can be claimed under insurance during Monsoon

Each year, the incidence of car repair claims go up substantially in the monsoon season and most standard policies do not pay for the depreciation component of the car repair bill.Needless to say, the right car insurance with the correct add-ons can go a long way....
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What should you choose ?

You are in the market for a new clutch or brake pad for your four-year-old vehicle & you are faced with a unique dilemma and a whole lot of abbreviations. Should I buy an OEM part or an OES option? What’s the difference? Why is the price gap so significant?.And which one is more reliable?.........
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All About a Car's AC

Is Your Car Ac Working Right ?

A Cars air-conditioner has become a necessity rather than a luxury it was looked at till a few years back, especially during the summers. Like all the other components in your car, the air-conditioner also needs to be timely serviced in order to keep .......
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Car Insurance

When Should I Claim It ?

Driving a car in India is ride full of potholes. And we don’t mean the literal ditches you experience in every by lane. Maneuvering the do’s and don’ts of car insurance norms are enough to put your head head in a tizzy. How you ask? Your brand new car has met with a minor accident........